- Fan Art -

- His Dark Materials [Northern Lights/The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass] -

Philip Pullman takes us on a dangerous adventure following two children through the multiverse. For the last decade I have been reading and re-reading these dark and magical stories and I have only now completed the entire series for the first time and moved on to his next trilogy The Book of Dust.

Here are a few fan drawings I did back in 2016 - the last time I tried to power through the entire trilogy - while travelling through Eastern Europe.

top to bottom - Lyra, Pantalaimon, Will, and the stray cat - Lyra and Iorek Byrnison - Serafina Pekkala and Kaisa - Lee Scorseby and Hester - Lady Salmakia and her dragonfly -