- Fan Art -

If you've been following my work for the past couple of years, you may have noticed a lot of fan art... Reimagining my favourite characters has been one of the best forms of motivation and inspiration for me. Fan art has greatly contributed to my artistic development, but more recently and more importantly, it's helped me remember why I love drawing so much and why I've been doing it my entire life. 

In the next year I intend to put more of a focus on original ideas, but I will continue to highlight some of may favourite fan art sources, personal work, and artists to follow, right here.

- Pokémon -

Instagram has recently seen a rush of Pokéfans inventing their own regions and detailed Pokédex entries. Alongside these ambitious creators are plenty of artists, illustrators, designers, and fans of all descriptions (myself included) reimagining classic creatures in their own style, here are a few of my favourite artists to follow:

ONE @macintyrerath / @mickeysmons / @rizoyoregion