Brett Martin is an internationally exhibiting artist and illustrator working out of Toronto, Canada. 

Brett specializes in detailed line work, character design, and hand lettering. He is an avid consumer of fantasy, cartoons, and nature programs and can usually be found filling sketchbooks while travelling abroad, expanding his personal library, or bussing tables.

Contact Brett at his personal e-mail




  • Pixel & Bristle Pop-up Shop featuring Brett Martin, The Drake Commissary, Toronto, ON
  • PKMN [zine]
  • Pixel & Bristle Summer Market [design market], The Drake Underground, Toronto, ON
  • Participating judge in IRMA Awards
  • Season of the Bad Guys Club [zine]
  • Featured illustrator for The C WordSeries 1 [offensive greeting cards], Toronto/London, ON


  • Canzine [comic/zine art festival], Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON
  • Monsters & Magic vol I & II [zine]
  • Featured illustrator in The Feathertale Review #17
  • Swash & Serif 3 [group show], Annex Art Centre, Toronto, ON
  • Botanica [group show], Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis, MN
  • RoboShow [group show], Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis, MN


  • Featured illustrator in Toronto Design Directory
  • Swash & Serif 2 [group show], The Black Cat Gallery, Toronto, ON
  • Zine Dream 8 [comic/zine art festival], The Great Hall, Toronto, ON
  • Confessions of a Busboy vol II [autobiographical comic]
  • Salutations from Scandinavia [zine]
  • Toy Box (Homework) [group show], Artscape Youngplace, Toronto, ON


  • Zine Dream 7 [comic/zine art festival], Tranzac Club, Toronto, ON
  • Confessions of a Busboy vol I [autobiographical comic]
  • GradEx 99 [group show], OCADU, Toronto, ON


  • Just A Peek [zine]