- Winter 2018 -

The last couple of months have consisted of hiding from the cold, planning an upcoming trip and working on a few new submissions that I can't post quite yet... Here's a little sneak peek!


- Fan Art -

If you've been following my work for the past couple of years, you may have noticed a lot of fan art... Reimagining my favourite characters has been one of the best forms of motivation and inspiration for me. Fan art has greatly contributed to my artistic development, but more recently and more importantly, it's helped me remember why I love drawing so much and why I've been doing it my entire life. 

In the next year I intend to put more of a focus on original ideas, but I will continue to highlight some of may favourite fan art sources, personal work, and artists to follow, right here.

- Pokémon -

Instagram has recently seen a rush of Pokéfans inventing their own regions and detailed Pokédex entries. Alongside these ambitious creators are plenty of artists, illustrators, designers, and fans of all descriptions (myself included) reimagining classic creatures in their own style, here are a few of my favourite artists to follow:

ONE @macintyrerath / @mickeysmons / @rizoyoregion

- Winter Market Highlights -

Pixel & Bristle was a great time, as I knew it would be. Getting together with a group of such talented people is always an awesome, inspiring, and humbling experience. Here I am, next to my collaborative project The C Word (check it out) and the greeting card series' creator, John.

Check out Pixel & Bristle's Instagram account for a little glimpse at yesterdays market (here).

- What's In The Bag? -

- Pixel & Bristle : Winter Market - Tomorrow [ Saturday, November 25th ] - The Drake Underground - 10AM - 4:30PM -

Tomorrow will be your first opportunity to get a Fan Art Mystery Bag!!! But, what's inside?

Although the key word here is 'mystery', you are guaranteed to find:

  • ONE full-colour original drawing (5x7)
  • ONE black and white mini print (sizes vary)
  • ONE zine
  • ONE double-sided, full-colour postcard
  • ONE hand drawn sticker
  • ONE blank mini booklet

- Pixel & Bristle : Winter Market -

Come by The Drake Underground this Saturday from 10am - 4:30pm and cross some unique gifts off your shopping list.

- Fan Art Mystery Bags! -

WHILE SUPPLIES LAST : pick up your very own Fan Art Mystery Bag, each bag includes ONE full-colour, 5 x 7 original drawing, along with a pile of other fun work featuring a wide range of beloved characters.

Tune in to Instagram to see what other surprises you can expect to find!


- Pixel & Bristle Vendors Announced -

- Located at The Drake Underground, Saturday, November 25th, 2017 from 10am to 4:30pm -

It's time for another Pixel & Bristle (check out past events here) Design Market! This winter edition is sure to provide all the trendy, hand-crafted, cute and sleek things you'll need for that aesthetically inclined person in your life (even if that means yourself).

I love being a part of this market (put on by type-based collective Ligatures YYZ) and can't wait to share some surprises I'll be bringing with me. Until then, here is the full list of vendors this year.

- October Drawing & Season of the Bad Guys Club 2 -

originally posted November 12th, 2017 ]

If you followed Craig Gleason's popular drawing challenge, you already know about the mind-blowing number of drawings produced by a diverse group of artists, both established and up and coming. I followed a lot of artists through the month, seeing other people's progress was a great source of motivation, and inspiration. Unfortunately I won't be mentioning every artist, but here are three of my top picks:

ONE @pencilbandit

- Season of the Bad Guys Club 2 -

- Drawing Challenge Complete! -

originally posted November 1st, 2017 ]

The end of October means the end of another Season of the Bad Guys Club. This year was the second month-long drawing challenge put out by the club's founder Craig Gleason (find him on Instagram - @craig.gleason) and it brought out a hoard of returning fans and a wave of new artists looking to join in the debauchery.

This year, rather than keeping everything in a sketchbook, I chose to produce larger, single page originals in the hopes of stepping up details, improving my non-digital rendering, increasing productivity habits, and further supporting the idea that not everything I start ends up in my ever-growing "in-the-works" folder...

Stay tuned for more information on prints and originals for sale.

- Season of the Bad Guys Club 2 -

originally posted October 16th, 2017 ]

- Halfway Through, Looking Back -

I participated in the first Season of the Bad Guys Club at a time when my drawing habits were really starting to gain some momentum. A lot has contributed to the steps I've made with drawing the past two years, but drawing challenges like this have provided invaluable opportunities for practice and personal development. For your viewing pleasure, my drawings from last year scanned from my sketchbook:

- Juggling Blogs -

originally posted October 3rd, 2017 ]

The past two years have been busy and full of changes. One thing, however, remains unchanged; my inability to commit to and regularly update a single blog platform.

One of the main reasons I use social media is to build platforms which compliment my website by getting a little more personal about my work and creating a timeline that is more regularly updated.

So what does this mean? Well, I'm sure I will continue to flip-flop all over the internet, throwing secondary content in every place I can think of, but for now, I will keep updating Tumblr with more of my drawing, illustration, and photos, and this page will feature more 'news' and writings about current events involving me.


A New Project

I'm working on what will soon become a risograph booklet compiling some of my favourite instances of pollination from around the world.

There's more information to come, but in the meantime, here are a couple of spots featuring one of the more bizarre plants I'll be presenting, the refflesia, affectionately known as the corpse flower.


Post #2

Almost one year ago I made my first blog post at this new location. This past year has shown without a doubt that I am a terrible blogger.

The website is updated with a lot of new work and with that, I think a renewed attempt at blog excellence is in order.

Enjoy these "Closing Date" images that didn't make it into the main website.

New Blog, Old Favorties

With so many projects going on this past year, I'm afraid my old blog fell from the forefront of my mind. Saying goodbye can be hard, but renewing my account seems a little harder, so here we begin a new adventure with a new location for all the matter making it's way out of my head.

 "Mother's Day"

"Mother's Day"

 "The Subtle Knife" spread#2

"The Subtle Knife" spread#2

 Comic short from the 2013 zine "Just a Peek"

Comic short from the 2013 zine "Just a Peek"